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These are my new ideas for the bios:


Amphibian-Species: JelliFusinyte-Planet: Invertizhock

Armadrillo-Species: Terrian-Planet: Bouldrunna

NRG-Species: Thermosian-Planet: Tempertrada

Terraspin-Species: Turtwister-Planet: CumuReptillia

HeatWave-Species: NecroThermian-Planet: Klyymagama

CannonSpike-Species: ArPointian SpikaRota-Planet: ArPointia

Amplitude-Species: Screechian-Planet: Splittaria

Strongtail-Species: Grandosaur-Planet: Grandino

Spiderilla-Species: GorillArachnid-Planet: ArahanAfrica

Icenado-Species: NitroMethanian-Planet: MethanIce

Water Hazard-Species: Hydronian-Planet: Hydronnia

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Armadrillo-species: Taldaepan-Planet: Poiana Luncas

Waterhazard-species-Orishan-planet- Kiusana

Ampfibian-species:Amperi-planet: Amperia

Note that these are the real ones.

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